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5 Tips On How To Become A Better Music Producer

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In the first post we’d like to present: “5 tips on how to become a better music producer”. We hope you are going to enjoy it and learn something new! 🙂

1. Master the tools you have

You might claim that you have to make investments into high-priced tools in order to make maximum quality music, but it is easy to overlook the quality of the tools available to us for free! If you can figure out how to make good sound using free and cheap tools available to you, then you will learn much more than you would, if you relied on the quality and assistance that you can buy.

After all I think it’s the producer that makes the tools rather than the tools that make the producer.

Download VST plugins for free.

2. Don’t force your creativity all the time

If you don’t feel like producing music today, it might be way more productive for you to just focus on learning something new about music, watch tutorials, study a little bit of music theory, read articles about what is going on in music industry today. There ALWAYS is something new to get familiar with and it’s better to just do these alternative activities instead of forcing yourself to do something that just isn’t meant to happen today.

3. Expand your horizon

Listen to a wide array of artists, bands and genres instead of trying to learn every single aspect of one genre. It’s limiting to confine yourself to artists and genres that make up today’s top charts. It’s very effective to find an unknown artists with huge talent and surf through the music they like, because it is most likely their inspiration. You’ll find a whole new world of artists to learn from. To sum up, start listening to music that you may never have thought you’d imagine yourself listening to.

4. Get comfortable

Producing without any distractions that have influence on your mind and body, can improve the quality of music you create, you re simply increasing your performance. Sit down and find the most comfortable position to sit in. You have to be sure you can see yourself spending hours in it. If your body’s not happy, your brain never will be happy, too. It can really limit your productivity.

5. Learn the art

The majority of people want to jump right into remixes, into the limiting rules of a genre. Try to create music that your brain wants to create. Ignore genres. Ignore the limiting rules of having to create a remix. Especially, if you’re just starting out, try not to follow any rules. Try to learn how to make music that comes from the deepth of your soul, no matter how bizzare it is. A song that literally defines you. This way you can avoid having to follow any rules, having to follow any BPM standard, any chord standard, any mood standard. Learn the art. Everybody wants to be heard, everybody wants to post music on the Internet and wants the world to listen to it and enjoy it in the same way you enjoy it, you just have to give yourself a chance. I guarantee you that it will be one of the best sounding songs you’ve ever heard.


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