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3 Tips For Recording Loud Vocals

Imagine that you’re recording vocals and a singer has to sing really loud in order to hit a particular note or for a particular part of the song. It can be quite tricky because you need a clear recording signal but you don’t want any peeking or clipping. Here’s 3 things you can do.

1. Make sure you’re using a pop filter

This will make it easier for them to say loud sounds like “Pee” and “Bee” without the microphone popping or cracking.

2. Change the position of the microphone

The singer can’t sing straight into the microphone for those particular notes. Turn the mic slightly to the side so the singers sings past it. The sound is still getting to the microphone but it won’t be as extreme as if they were singing front on to the mic.

3. Ride the gain on your preamp

You don’t really want to be doing this but sometimes you have to. If you know that a loud note is coming up and singer has to sing it really loud – you can actually just turn the preamp down a little bit. Note won’t clip. Alternatively you can record that note, separate everything else and set the gain accordingly.


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