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How To Train Your Ears For Mixing?

The answer is very simple.

Sit down with Google and type “ear training”. You’re gonna find out that there are several tools there to help you with this subject. There are some software out there that will generate tones and give you a quiz on what it is that you think you’re hearing. They’re also tools online that you can use to test your hearing. Those are all important tools. I’m not discounting them but I want to encourage you to do a little research on your own to find out what might be available to you.

Listen to a lot of professionally recorded mixed and mastered projects.

You need to listen to those projects in the space that you’re mixing in preferably whether it’s the headphones or the exact studio position you’re mixing in is going to be ideal. I’m not discounting the fact that maybe your space is not perfectly acoustically prepared or maybe you have just only a pair of earphones.

In those situations what we’re officially hearing technically can kind of lie to you, a little bit in regards to frequencies versus what’s coming out of your monitors or your headphones. However, if you are listening on a regular basis to a lot of different styles of music in that have been professionally recorded, mixed and mastered – you are training your ear to hear what quality sounds like. That’s immensely important when it comes to mixing.

Our ears are very relative.

In other words – maybe you’re working on a project and it sounds amazing to you. You’ve been listening to for several minutes, maybe several hours and then you hopped on YouTube and you played the newest Adele release or you played a new track from your favorite bands. Suddenly, your project doesn’t quite sound as good as before.


Our ears get used to hearing tones in a certain way and it’s relative. You can compare one tone to another and a lot of times we don’t necessarily listen to enough quality music to train our ears for mixing. Small piece of advice. If you want to get better at hearing what a mix sounds like that is good then listen to good mixes. I guarantee you, over time you will begin to train years for mixing and you will begin to hear tones in ways that you haven’t before.

Hopefully, this tip has been helpful to you 🙂


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